A cooling tower typically uses evaporative heat rejection technology that makes the water cool down. This system is efficient but like all cooling systems, it requires maintenance on a regular basis. Properly maintained cooling towers keep condenser temperatures lower and they function as they are designed to. Regular maintenance keeps your system more efficient, less expensive, and more productive. 

Whether you are managing the site yourself or having some professional manage it for you like what the International Cooling Tower provides, it is important to create a maintenance plan to avoid further damage.  

You water cooling tower is prone to different damages like fouling, which is the blockage caused by debris, especially in the filler; scale-up, the accumulation of inorganic minerals coming from different water sources; corrosion that may be caused by chemicals used in the water treatment; and biological contaminants like bacteria. All of these reduce the productivity of your water cooling tower.  

1.Clean and disinfect your water and equipment 

Cleaning and disinfecting involve removing the scale deposits at least twice a year. The limescale built-up can reduce the performance and efficiency of your system and can result in the deterioration of your equipment. Likewise, disinfecting can prevent algae and biofouling growth in certain areas. If these biological contaminants are left unattended, they potentially bock screens and distribution decks.  

2. Check the heaters 

Inspect the heaters for damage and cracked elements. They can crack and split due to heavy usage or poor maintenance. If they are dirty, make sure to remove the dirt.  

3.Check damages and blockages on your airflow 

Poor airflow can result in poor fan performance, warm air, and even system breakdowns. They can be caused by a lack of gearbox maintenance, improper fan alignment, loose components, etc. Check your fill for debris and your basin floor for some built-up. You can use a tower vacuum to remove these contaminants and debris  

  1. Do a monthly water treatment 

The most critical step and most important part of maintenance are thorough, monthly water treatment. Poor water quality can cause the entire system to breakdown because they can cause scaling and sludge in the condensers and pipes.  

It is recommended to contact a company that provides water treatment services if your organization does not have any experts in doing the process. Also, to prevent scale and biocide inhibitors, you need to install sensors and automatic feeders.  

5. Check your fans 

The fans are the most overlooked element in the water cooling system. Broken fans can destroy bearings and other damages. In order to avoid this, you need to: 

Lubricate the bearings 

Clean the fans and remove accumulated dirt 

Check the condition of pulleys, belts, ad drive couplings 

Check its alignment, security, and balance 

6. Check your electrical wiring and components 

The last step in cooling water system maintenance is to check the electrical elements. Check the amperages and voltages of each electrical element to secure good system operation. If your organization does not have an expert in doing this, you may subcontract a company that specializes in this field.  

Failure to maintain your water cooling system can result in different build-ups that cause poor system performance and even the entire system breakdown. So, doing regular maintenance is a must.